Sirens (finished)


total time: 03:13:46 + roughly 1 hr

inspired by goldfish mostly, but it also looks inspired by koi so…




wip of a siren boy

time: 01:12:11 + 1 hour

only got face details atm


To This Moment

Tumblr isn’t working for me right now, and then i remembered that i haven’t posted on this blog for quite a while!!

I’ve drawn a lot (???) in the past few months, so i’ll dump them here:

mainly fanart, a “commission” comic (I NEVER GOT PAID FOR [fumes]) (i’ll be posting later), a bunch of refs and original characters

i also drew these!! these were requests made by friends (two are online shop signs):



Burn Me


A piece made using brush and watercolour tools (for the most part) on SAI.

Wanted to try and draw this for a while now but it always ended up looking awful. Still not completely happy with this but I’m okay with it!

Inspired by lyrics from Silhouette by Owl City.